1. Another incredible week on the Peninsula… Newport Beach Lifeguards

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  2. A quick paddle/dive out by the buoys this afternoon…

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  3. chasing-the-freaking-sun said: rad photos!

    Yew! Thanks!

  4. Rough day at work…

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  5. saltandwavess said: You're very handsome.

    Everyone’s good looking!

  6. Alrik Yuill // Making of the Vans US Open Trophy

  7. Alrik Yuill // Making of the Vans US Open Trophy with annaehrgott

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  8. South Laguna lurking…

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  9. My kind of Saturday evening… Thanks for having us over @almondsurfboards and @northmenswear and for sharing the story of Pete Tresselt and his impact on the surfing world… #respectyourelders (at North Menswear)

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  10. Foggy morning alaia session with Nate Chesnut…

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  11. Kip Armstrong, jazzing along… Newport Beach CA

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  12. I met Max when I was about 11 years old, swam with him for the next few years until one summer he asked me if I wanted to try out for Ocean Lifeguarding… I figured it was a good job making decent money, so I tried out and started working on the beach at 16 years old… 8 years later and I’m still as in love with the job as when I first started… Thanks for pushing me to try out, and stoked I’m still able to work with you Max… @newportbeachlifeguard


  13. Anonymous said: Did you know Ben Carlson?

    Yes, I worked with him a number of times


  14. Anonymous said: How does one become a Newport Beach life guard? Is it a section of the fire department?

    Hey, there are tryouts in March, every year: open water 1,000 yard swim. Then a sprint Run-Swim-Run. Then a Sprint Swim. You have to place in the top 30 combined to interview for the Basic a Lifeguard Academy, which is every weekend for like 6 weekends. From there, depending on how you rank, you might get activated to work in the towers for the Season.
    Newport Beach is a division of the Fire Department.

  15. Newport Beach Lifeguards…

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